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What are microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetables that have been harvested before maturation, usually about 7 to 21 days after the seeds have germinated. The result is a tiny green about one to three inches tall with more flavor and a higher concentration of nutrients. Unlike sprouts which are grown in water, microgreens require a growth medium. Like soil for example.

How much nutrients do microgreens have?

All the important vitamins and minerals found in the larger versions of a vegetable are in the smaller microgreens. Densely packed into little leaves. Most common vitamins spread among most micros are Vitamins A, B, C and K. Minerals as well like Iron, folate, potassium and chlorophyll. 


100 gram serving size of microgreens, has more vitamins and minerals than their mature vegetable counterpart.

How do I incorporate microgreens into my diet?

The options are endless. Even if you don't prefer "that" vegetable, you will love microgreens. While there is a hint of the grown vegetables flavor, there is more to a microgreens flavor. Spicy, mild, peppery, nutty and earthy are just a few descriptions!

First off, when you get your micros, take a pinch and try it alone! This will allow you to note it's flavor. 

Then using that comparison apply it to dishes you love. Add to tossed salads or garnish each serving of meats or vegetables. Peas and sunflower make delicious pesto sauces!

Restaurants have been using Microgreens to garnish for years! Now you can too!

I don't recommend too much of a spicy micro in a may turn you off!


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