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Bala-Nutri Greens

Thank you for coming!

You are here to create balance and nutrition with microgreens!


My name is Brandy

Wife, mother, daughter and friend! Hoping to share the incredible benefits of Microgreens with you. My wish, is to help my friends and community learn about microgreens and their benefits. Therefore living a more balanced life with nutrition. It all starts with what we put into our bodies!

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Tera N. Calgary

"They were incredible and best of all my family loved them too! On a sandwich, mixed with Avocado or mixed in a salad...they loved them all. We really loved the freshness of the Peas!"

Shelly L. Calgary

"Love it!! Tried it for my first time last weeks order and I’m now addicted! Fabulous to deal with and an amazing product  so glad I saw a previous post and took the leap to try it!!"

Karlynn B. Calgary

"Love it too!  my teens and husband have been competing with me for them - my husband had a bit of that cold going around and is sounding much better since eating them" 
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